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A Hidden Gem in Delray Beach Florida

April 21, 2018

I recently returned from a wonderful trip to Florida where I visited my family. While there, we relaxed on the beach, enjoyed the beautiful weather that has not yet come to New York, and explored many wonderful cafes and restaurants. One that stands out however, is the Yaxche Tearoom in Delray Beach Florida.


The Yaxche Tearoom is one of Florida’s hidden gems and, although not widely known, there are a constant stream of locals who come to have a nice time. As soon as I stepped inside the pastel-painted doors I could see why. The tearoom is hidden behind a grove of lush trees making it difficult to find, but also creates a quiet and secretive atmosphere. The tearoom itself is small cottage painted with shades of powder blue, seafoam green, atomic tangerine, and terra cotta. The beautiful display of buddhas, healing crystals, signs of love and positivity, variations of Middle Eastern hanging lamps, and smell of fresh baked goods is mesmerizing.


My favorite room, (“The Room of Goodness” as I call it), was filled with a variety of over 120 different blends of teas. The very kind owner asked if I prefered an earthy or fruity tea. (There were endless choices!) I choose a rooty and refreshing tea called Namaste. The Yaxche Tearoom doesn’t just offer teas. They also serve multiple organic and mouthwatering baked and raw goods as well as soups, salads, and bowls. There were so many options I spent almost as much time deciding as I did eating!


When I stepped onto the painted terrace I felt transported.

The decorations, dim lights, delicious smells, intricate colours, all combined to create a sense of serenity. It was clear the people there were happy and in a good mood. All the artifacts, Buddhas and African art, are the product of travels brought together in one place. Combined, they create a sense of not knowing exactly where you are.  


While enjoying my food, I realized the spirit of Yaxche is similar to what I want to achieve in my blog. Both the owner and I aim to create a space where people can get away from the negativity of the world and be a part of something enlightening. From the aesthetic of the tearoom I presume those who go there are in search of meaning and spirituality. It’s a place where people can contemplate how to do better things and do things for the better.


Upon leaving, I noticed the beautiful Yaxche tree in the front of the tearoom. The owner told us that many cultures have a Tree of Life which are symbols for a person’s spiritual journey. ‘Yaxche’ is the Tree of Life for the Mayan culture. For them, it represented the place where the spirit, heaven, and earthly worlds all come together in a moment of pure perfection.


If you’re planning a trip to Florida, or the Delray Beach area, I would highly recommend you visit the Yaxche Tearoom. You could you spend an afternoon for lunch or pop in for a glass of tea.

Are there any tea rooms by where you live you enjoy going to?

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