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Fashion Throughout the Decades: the 1960's

What do you think of when you see 21st century fashion? The answer will be different for everyone because there are many different aspects of our world that [...]


What Happens Backstage at NYFW

While most fashion shows appear to be serene from your seat at the runway, backstage is an arena of chaos and utter madness. Here’s a small glimpse of what  […]


Zang Toi Fall 2018 Collection: Roman Holiday

This past Tuesday, I was lucky enough to have gone to the Zang Toi fashion show, here in New York, for New York Fashion Week (NYFW)! I had gone to one of his […]

70's Inspired Fashion

2018 Fashion and Beauty Trends

Even though it is now the last week in January, I still wanted to talk about some of the fashion and beauty trends you can expect to see throughout this year. Each year, whether from photos […]


My 2018 Inspiration

Happy 2018 everyone! I am still processing that the past year is over and a new one has begun. Last year went by so incredibly fast, and I still gush over all the enchanting […]


Taking Time Off

With all the craziness of school and work, our brain can often feel as if it’s about to explode. Everyday we are constantly learning new materials, and being tested on your knowledge of them. For anyone […]


My Favorite Fall Outfit

I originally wrote this post back in October, but since it has taken longer to get the blog up and running than expected, it’s only going up now. I have decided to leave everything […]


Too Much Blue: How to Style Straight Jeans

The number of styles of jeans is endless and knowing how to style each kind can be a challenge. We all have particular types of jeans that we prefer and look the best […]

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10 Things I Love

Isn’t it marvelous to be in love? I can reiterate it as long as I live, but the words will never match what you feel in your heart. Today I will be taking you through 10 things I love and make me so happy. For I believe everyone […]


Welcome to BeingIsabella

Today is the day that I decided to start my blog. Was it hard choosing to take on this new journey? No. Was it difficult to come up with what to say and what content I would want to share […]