Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


What camera do you use?

Although it’s an old one, it’s a goodie! I use the Canon Rebel T3I for all of my pictures however, to enhance the quality I use a telephoto lens. This makes the photos very crisp and clear.

Who shoots your photos?

I am fortunate to have my dad shoot most of my photos for me however, if I am not in the photograph, or it is a landscape shot, flat-lay, etc. I will shoot them.

How old are you?

I am 14 years old! My birthday is November 5th.

Why did you choose BeingIsabella for the name of your blog?

It took a while for me to decide upon the name of my blog. This is an important step because you want the name to portray what you feature so when viewers come across it they’ll know what to expect. I chose BeingIsabella because it wasn’t too constricting and well, it says who I am! If I were to choose a more fashion related name I would’ve felt restricted to featuring only fashion based content. With BeingIsabella I can feature whatever I want as long as it’s me! Fashion, lifestyle, food, school, you name it!