Health and Fitness Guide for Busy People

The constant buzz of everyday life can make it hard to prioritize health and well-being over the demands of your job or your studies. It has been shown, however, that living a healthy and holistic lifestyle can improve productivity and help you deliver better work. The question you’re probably asking is, “how is this […]

How to Revamp Your New Year's Resolutions

With fall quickly approaching, I have started to think about my goals for the end of the year and what I have already accomplished. At the beginning of each year many of us create a list of New Year’s Resolutions. Our lists usually include things we want to accomplish, or bad habits we hope to […]

Why It's Okay to Ask For Help

The ability to ask for help is one of our strongest, yet most underrated qualities. It shows we want to grow and learn, and that we care about understanding important issues that face us. While some may choose to struggle with problems by themselves, I believe with the right kind of help we can better […]

How to Stop Procrastinating

According to the Cambridge Dictionary, procrastinate means “to delay doing something.” This usually happens when people dread or have anxiety over the important tasks awaiting them. In order to get rid of this negative feeling, people procrastinate by doing something that is unproductive and not what they are suppose to be doing. This makes them […]

Learning the Facts and Reducing the Stigma Around Mental Health

Since 1949, May has been Mental Health Awareness Month. This past Friday a few of my friends and I who are members of the Mental Health Club at my school, ran a workshop to educate students about mental health, and the misconceptions and stigma surrounding it […]

The Truth About the Word 'Love'

“I love avocado toast!” “I love the way the sun feels on my skin when I’m on the beach.” “I love my parents.” “I love blogging.” In all four of these sentences, the word ‘love’ is used in a different context to convey […]

My 2018 Inspiration

Happy 2018 everyone! I am still processing that the past year is over and a new one has begun. Last year went by so incredibly fast, and I still gush over all the enchanting places I got to discover, the fascinating things I learned, the people I got to know […]

Why It's Important to Face Your Fears

We all have fears, whether they’re slithery snakes, paranormal activity, or simply the ocean. Fear exists for a reason however. From the second we’re born our basic survival instincts take over to let usknow when we are in danger and are not safe.  [...]

Taking Time Off

With all the craziness of school and work, our brain can often feel as if it’s about to explode. Everyday we are constantly learning new materials, and being tested on your knowledge of […]

10 Things I Love

Isn’t it marvelous to be in love? I can reiterate it as long as I live, but the words will never match what you feel in your heart. Today I will be taking you through 10 […]

Welcome to BeingIsabella

Today is the day that I decided to start my blog. Was it hard choosing to take on this new journey? No. Was it difficult to come up with what to […]