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The Feminine Girl’s Guide to Styling Blazers

April 30, 2018

Since I was very young, I’ve always enjoyed wearing skirts and dresses, and bright, feminine colours. Last year however, I entered the world of the professional girl-boss style and started wearing blazers. I still enjoy traditional, feminine styles, in fact, recently I’ve been mixing the two together to create the perfect in between and balance.  

So how does one achieve the perfect in between? Here are a few tips for my friends who enjoy a more feminine look, but want to add a sense of tailoredness to their outfits by wearing a blazer. This will also save you time if you want to take your day time look into the evening! (Comment below if you’d like to see a post all about that!)


Don’t Change Your Outfit, Just Add A Blazer

Many people think you only wear a blazer to work, a meeting, a dinner party, or a professional event. That’s not the case! A blazer can add elegance to a casual outfit that fits any occasion. For example, if you plan on wearing a yellow midi-dress with a pair of wedge espadrilles to a brunch, just add a white blazer and you’ll create a much more tailored and dressy appearance.


To Dress or Not to Dress

For those of you are worried your femininity will be muted by wearing a blazer, fear not, a blazer can be your best friend. The masculinity of a blazer can accentuate the more feminine elements of your style. Pieces such as skirts, dresses, lace blouses, and heels will make a great contrast to a blazer and are often the perfect choice to let your girly side shine through.


Bright, Fun, and Feminine

Sometimes, even a lace blouse and heels are not enough to balance the squaring effect of a blazer. In order to beat this battle, stick to lighter and brighter colours such as pink, purple, red, sky blue, and even white. This will ensure your feminine style won’t become hidden. If you still have doubts and want to make a bold assertion of your femininity, try a fun coloured blazer as well.

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Wear it With Confidence

A blazer makes a statement. It sits on top of your outfit for everyone to see, and will make the boldest statement about who you are. Wear your blazer with confidence. Stand up tall, keep your shoulders back, smile and be strong! You attitude has as much an affect on the way people perceive you. Everyone can wear a blazer and look fabulous, even if you are the girliest girl of them all!

Do you have any tips for styling blazers?


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