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Welcome To BeingIsabella

December 10, 2017
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Today is the day that I decided to start my blog. Was it hard choosing to take on this new journey? No. Was it difficult to come up with what to say and what content I would want to share with the world? Yes, but it was all worth it.

Let’s go back to basics. I’ll start by telling you about myself and, more specifically, why I’ve created a blog and what you can expect to find here. My name is Isabella, and I’m 14 years old. I have lived in New York City for my entire life and this has had a major impact on the way I live life and the way I view it. My parents have given me so many opportunities over the past 14 years and have opened me up to several different experiences which I would have never thought of doing if it wasn’t for them, so I thank them for that. I have grown up going to a marvelous school where learning is fun and although waking up early in the morning five days a week can be quite the chore, every day is always exciting and has something new in store. Living in NY has made going to shows, concerts and performances almost too easy but has exposed me to all the glories of the arts. But let’s fast forward to now! Although I am forever grateful for everything I have tried and failed at over the years, now it is time to try something new. Now this may end up being very unsuccessful, but I am sure that those of you reading this are here for the very reasons I decided to start this blog.

What should you expect to find here? Mostly fashion talk because that’s what I tend to think about the most. You’ll be able to find styling tips and advice, the scoop on new designer items and “in trend” pieces, suggestions on what to wear to certain events and occasions, how fashion has evolved from the past, and looks that I am loving at the moment. Also, since I live in NY you can expect to see seasonal and year-round outfits. And in thinking of fashion more broadly, I will also be talking about skincare and beauty, travel, food and my favorite recipes, lifestyle and wellbeing, along with a little on history, culture and language because there’s no denying that I do have an interest in all those subjects, too.

So, now that you know what to find here and who I am, I hope that you will stay tuned and continue to follow me on this journey as I discover more about what inspires me and who I want to become. To be honest with you, I was going to include a little something else onto this post but, as a reader of blogs myself, I understand the importance of brevity. If you do decide to stay, you can expect to find new posts weekly and I would really appreciate it if you clicked the follow button on the right side of the page because I want to build my viewership.

Au revoir till next time my lovelies!