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2018 Fashion and Beauty Trends

February 10, 2018

Even though it is now the last week in January, I still wanted to talk about some of the fashion and beauty trends you can expect to see throughout this year. Each year, whether from photos on social media, gossip magazines about our favorite celebs, or outfits we see while on everyday errands, we all become engrossed in keeping up what is in style, trendy, and popular that year. This can include the new “most-important” makeup product, the “best” top style of the year, a new and innovative piece of technology, fad diets (which no one should follow because in all honesty, you’re just being told a bunch of lies which don’t work), and much more. Since this blog is centered around fashion with beauty here and there, that is what I will be focusing on.

While at my first New York Fashion Show this past fall, I was privileged enough to see and experience some of the trends that would now be all the rave however, one show is not enough and thus being January, I have had to fall to some of my favorite style magazines to get the scoop. So, I would like to give some credit to List for helping me pin down these trends.



1. ‘70’s inspired fashion: It’s been a trend before and it’s back again, but this year designers are embracing the styles which are most known in the 70’s being peasant tops/ elongated collar blouses, and retro colour palette pieces. So it’s time to head to your thrift shop to pick up and few oldies but goodies!

70's Inspired Fashion

2. Nerd-chic: Smart is officially the new sexy! Feel free to now strut the streets in your cute glasses, pladd skirts, and tweed tops. It's time to show off your inner intelligence! 

3. Geometric minimalism: Stark shapes, clunky patterns, especially triangles and hexagons, will be a huge addition to basic clothing. The shapes will remain simple in order to enhance any bold colours. 

4. Denim on denim: Pulling off an outfit that consists only of denim can be difficult. To make the outfit work and not clash, try wear different colours and washes together. But, it’s not just about light washes and distressed details when it comes to denim being dominated in 2018. Also count on seeing flared legs and more material than we’ve seen in years.

Screen Shot 2018-01-21 at 6.40.04 PM

5. Velvet: Another trend that has been "in" before and is now back. This year, the most common places velvet will be seen is on blazers, slip dresses, and mini skirts. The darker shades will remain for the fall, but lighter colours such as a baby pink will now been seen for spring along with slinkier styles.

Screen Shot 2018-01-21 at 6.40.58 PM

6. Start Wearing Purple: Purple is the colour of the year because it looks good on everyone, and every skin tone. Purple is also seen being a royal colour, but also as one for rock. You can wear purple in every season and every shade too. If wearing such a bright colour is too daunting for you, try wearing it as an accessory, in shoes or jewelry, or you can try a lighter, more neutral shade.

Screen Shot 2018-01-21 at 6.41.53 PM

7. Large Floral Prints: Over the past few years, we have been seeing an increasing amount of floral prints on clothing. All the way from tropical flowers for the summer, and small white ones in the winter. But this year, we are moving away from the smaller prints and are increasing the size and shape of the design. 

Screen Shot 2018-01-21 at 6.43.20 PM

8. French Riviera Style: This is personally, one of my favorite trends! It seems that the world has once again gone crazy for the effortless french style. However, instead of being the classic Parisian look, this year it's French riviera. Styles like subtle mariner strips, clean minimal lines, and shades of bright white and bright blue will be a big feature of the warmer months.

Screen Shot 2018-01-21 at 6.44.44 PM


1. Lipstick everywhere: This look is interesting because it’s not wet, but instead has a more satin finish. You can do so much more with lipstick than you might think. For instance, using your finger, you can apply some onto your cheeks as rouge, or use a brush and sweep it over you brow bone. You can also take a metallic lipstick and top your eyeshadow with it, giving a more generic look more depth and edge. 

Screen Shot 2018-02-10 at 12.32.18 PM

2. Dramatic eyeliner: Eyeliner is going to the next level this year. We are taking the iconic Cleopatra eyeliner, and making it super-graphic, super pointy, super romantic, and heavier along the bottom lashes.

3. Bright Colours: Colours are going to be big and expect to see it all the way from fire orange to ocean blues. If I'm like you, then you might be intimidated by using colour all over your face, but start slow and then you can make it more noticeable. For instance, start with a brighter lipstick, then blush. Next, try adding some colour along your lower lash line, swept across your brow bone, or a pop in the center of your lid. Remember, you can always blend and make it as subdued as you want. The more you experiment with this, you will find it's not as scary and crazy as you were expecting. 

4. Weightless foundation: At one point, it was all about super full coverage, matte makeup. However, we have been taking a turn on that, and are now using lighter foundation for a stunningly breathable and natural finish and feel. It's all about enhancing your own skin instead of covering it. 

Screen Shot 2018-01-21 at 6.50.57 PM

5. Glossy skin: The newly founded makeup brand Glossier has become all the rage because, as the name of the brand says, it's all about a glossy look. Glossy skin and eyes is the next generation of highlight. It’s shiny and adds an extra texture and element. You might think that this would create an oily finish but instead, it is more "wet". 

6. Red Highlighter: You will find that makeup artists are now taking what is currently known as blush and turning it into highlight. It works for every skin tone and is more approachable, giving the most beautiful healthy glow to the skin.

7. Ultra Violet: Just like I said before, purple is the colour of the year. For makeup, especially ultra violet. It radiates positive vibes – what lies beyond where you are now. Since purple is a bright colour, it can be difficult working it into your makeup look quickly, so take your time, and work with what you feel comfortable with, in order to interject some positive energy into your look.

Thank you for those of you who managed to make it to the end. I realize this was a long one, but I had a lot to cover. Make sure who subscribe if you aren't already because I have some very exciting posts heading your way - ones you will not want to miss.

Until next time lovelies!