Spontanious Shoot in Cali

I remember my dad and I were taking a walk through the property of the inn we were staying at in Mendocino. Suddenly he said, "go stand over there by the fence so I can take a picture of you. But don't smile, be serious." 

From City to Sea

After seeing the way the photos turned out the day before, I couldn't wait to return to the ocean so we could take some more. I'm so pleased with how these turned out: All the cool colours work wonderfully with each other!

Night Out

In the beginning of the summer, while in China, I had fallen in love with a pair of $365 pair of pants. What do you suppose I do? Well yes I bought them! Since they were so expensive I wanted to make sure I could wear them a lot. This evening I was headed out to my friend's Bat Mitzvah and overjoyed I had a chance to wear them. 

One Afternoon

I was hanging out with my friend one day after school and we were trying to figure out what to do. She saw I had a camera and suggested we take some photos. They are very raw. I had swimming that day so my hair is ratted and my makeup has been wiped off. But overall, they're beautiful and capture the moment we were in.

My First Shoot

Once I new I was going to be staring the blog, I immediately started planning what some of my posts were going to be. Here are some of the photos for the shoot on How To Style Straight Jeans

The Bund

Back in June, when my family and I were in China, we were taking a walk along The Bund. We came across this colourful wall which reminded us all of Christmas. We decided to take some photos infront of it because one day we would need them.