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Too Much Blue: How to Style Straight Jeans

December 28, 2017

The number of styles of jeans is endless and knowing how to style each kind can be a challenge. We all have particular types of jeans that we prefer and look the best on us but despite this, we still want to be able to catch onto the bandwagon with the trendiest jeans of the season. Throughout the years, the most common styles have been the skinny, straight, boot-cut, girlfriend, boyfriend and distressed. I have decided to create and mini series here on the blog to give those of you who want some styling advice on how to wear certain types of jeans. I will keep the actual items of clothing as generic as possible so you can use this to your own preference. I will be starting with the hardest one, in my opinion, straight jeans! I find that they’re a challenging design because they’re not quite skinny and not quite loose, making it difficult to know what type of top or shoes to pair with them. I hope that you all enjoy this series and if you have any recommendations for future posts or series, leave them below in the comments.

Style Tip 1: Tucking Your Top In

Since straight jeans don’t necessarily hug your body in any places, a great way to accentuate your figure is by tucking your top into your jeans. This will show off your waist giving your outfit more shape. You can either tuck your top into your jeans very loosely so there’s still room to breath or more tightly and form-fitting.

The top that I have on here is a grey, lightweight sweater from Tory Burch. Here is a similar one. The style of it isn’t the most flattering hanging over pants, so tucking it in is the perfect choice to show of those buttons and collar. Along with this I’m wearing a gray purse from Status Quo New York and black Donna Karan chelsea boots.


Style Tip 2: Girl Boss

Jeans can easily be elevated to higher standards by simply changing the colour of them and what accesories their being paired with. A blouse is one of my favorite ways to make any outfit look fancier and more elegant without seeming as if you tried too much. The one featured here is from Express. If you were to pair this top with black straight jeans, it would be much more appropriate for a special occasion. Although, any colour of jeans will still make this look perfect for meetings, school and the office. I went with a pair of black stilettos to add some femininity and a gold hardware black purse to match the shoes.


Style Tip 3: Oversized Tops

I believe that if you want your look to be more oversized or fitted, you have to embrace it and go all out. With straight jeans, there’s no real in between. In the winter, although I still like to look stylish, my top priorities are to be comfortable and warm. Straight jeans are perfect because there’s tons of room in them and they have a lot of give.

In the images, you’ll see I’m wearing one of my favorite fall/winter sweaters from H&M. As for my shoes, I am wearing a pair of black, rubber slide ons from Steve Madden. I wasn’t able to find the exact pair but I’m sure if you look at any major shoe store there will be something similar. Here is the closest pair I found from Steve Madden.


Style Tip 4: Crop Tops

My pair of straight jeans are highwaisted which gives the perfect opportunity for showing off some stomach (but not too much)! If you don’t own a high waisted pair you can still wear a crop top but just be aware that you’ll be showing more skin. I love the cropped, ribbed, mock neck sweaters because they provide more warmth for the winter, are much more fitted, but still show some skin so you don’t feel as if you’re in a jail cell. Since this is a more casual look, you could really pair any type of shoes with your outfit. I went for my white adidas trainers.



I was unable to find the exact pair of jeans I featured in this post but here are a few pairs that are very similar:

Until next time lovelies....