Over the past twelve months, my interest in fashion and all things couture has grown exceedingly! Every time I would visit family, meet up with friends, or be introduced to someone new, when they found out what I was most interested in, the most frequent response was, "do you have a blog?" By the end of the summer I had heard this enough times to make me start to wonder if this was an idea I should consider. I had already been working on a family blog/website where I was posting about our most recent travels, so I knew how the system worked. Finally, I brought the idea of with my dad and his response was particularly supportive of it. So from there, the process of building, designing, researching, and creating began.

What begun as an obsession over sparkly clothing, to wanting to live in Versailles, and now all things luxurious, has turned into a passion for creating, helping and inspiring others like her across the globe. This blog is centered around fashion and lifestyle, but will include insights into the beauty industry, travel, and some background knowledge about history and culture. (Don't quit quite yet, not history as in Ancient Greece, but rather how certain fashion trends came to be, the most famous designers of the 20th century, along with a little bit about French Baroque History and languages.)

Isabella's goal is to have everyone leave her blog feeling more at peace, calmer, inspired, and hopefully have learned knew.

"It is better to fail in originality than to succeed in imitation."   – Herman Melville