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How to Find Balance

March 28, 2018

In life we often find ourselves struggling between two opposing forces, those that we can control and those we cannot. That struggle can create tension and imbalance in our personal lives and our work. At some point however, it’s important to let go of that struggle and accept that much of what happens is beyond our control. Once we let go of our need to control and allow the flow of life to wash over us, like the ocean tide on the sand, we become balanced and at peace. Only then can negative energy slip away.

Unfortunately, more often than not, we live in a state of imbalance. It comes from not being able to stop and step back from our daily routines and appreciate the bigger forces that are at work around us. And so, it’s important to slow down and take the time to focus on what you want to achieve and not get distracted by the things we cannot change.

The same can be said with fashion. Developing your own style can be a challenge and finding the right pieces that match what you have envisioned is even harder. As with everything else in life, a great sense of style can only come from having a sense of balance.


Balance is the key to life. You probably have heard this before, and there’s good reason for it. It’s true! Weekends were created because we all need a break from our daily routine. The constant buzz of work and school can be overwhelming. But just imagine, what life would be like if we didn’t have work, or we didn’t have to go to school. At first you might think life would be great, you could do whatever you want whenever you want. This stream of mindless bliss wouldn’t last however, because you would soon find you had nothing to keep you inspired and motivated. There would be no papers to hand in, no meetings to be on time for. Your life would revolve around pleasure only, and eventually it would get old.


Buddhist philosophers have said that too much or too little of anything, can create a state of imbalance. Balance is perfection between extremes. It is an afternoon rain shower poised between drought and downpour. It’s central to nature and something we strive for in food and family. I find balance in my style, whether it’s by incorporating a trend into my daily outfit, or the perfect heel height to wear all day.

I express balance in life through fashion and style.  The vibrant cherry red dress, filled with ruffles and flowers, speaks to our feminine side. The single breasted, checkered pinstripe blazer with boxy shoulders, reflects our masculine energy. This outfit represents my way of achieving balance by combining the forces of masculine and feminine.


I recently got this checkered blazer from Express, as well as this cherry tomato red, dress. The minute I saw these pieces in the store, I new they were going to have to become a part of my wardrobe. Thus, sooner or later they would end up here, on the blog. Instead of writing a post about one of the particular items and how I’ve been enjoying wearing them, I decided to think more deeply about why it was that I enjoy wearing this combination. That is how I came up with the idea of balance.


I have found that with most blazers, the fit around the chest and waist is perfect, however the sleeves are always too long. So when I laid eyes on this one hanging by the entrance of the store door, I immediately was drawn to it because it had three quarter length sleeves. This way, the sleeves were not going to drown my hands out, but instead sit right below the elbow. This blazer is also unique because of the print. It’s hard to describe the print because there are so many elements to it, all of which are unique but work together magically. All the way from checkers, to pinstripes, to crisscrosses. And finally, the blazer being gray allows for it to be worn in a relaxed manner as well as a formal one.

As for the dress, it was also love at first sight. I had been searching for a red, ruffly dress for some time, screenshotting them on various websites. So, when I saw this dress, containing everything I could’ve wanted, red, ruffles, flowers, v-neck, it was going to be mine! The fit is sublime. There’s some elastic around the waist which allows for it to cinch in, and hug your figure. The ruffles on the dress are also laid right on top of each other which creates an a non-straight hemline. Just like the blazer, it can be worn both casually, and more dressy.


Together, this combination of pieces creates the perfect balance between two different styles and proximities. Together they work to create an outfit which is perfect for me, and hopefully can inspire you too. My dad often reminds me that things rarely turn out according to our plans and we should expect the unexpected. The best way to appreciate and accept change is by being attentive to the world and strive for balance in our lives.


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