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Taking Time Off

January 6, 2018

With all the craziness of school and work, our brain can often feel as if it’s about to explode. Everyday we are constantly learning new materials, and being tested on your knowledge of them. For anyone, this can be a lot. So why put ourselves through it all? In truth, it’s because we have to. All children have to go to school, and all adults have to work. However hard, stressful, or tiresome this may be, you don’t always need to pretend everything is alright and you’re doing fine. Our brains and bodies need a break to settle down and unwind. I challenge you to take time off!

On the 5th of November it was my birthday. Just as the year before, I wanted to take things easy and relax. This time of the year is often pretty hectic and can result in unnecessary anxiety. Today I’m going to be walking you through how I spent my birthday, and more ways you can unwind.

After a trip to the Red Door Spa earlier that year for a manicure, there was no doubt I was easily drawn back. However, this time I chose to have a 50 min, full-body, swedish massage. I was guided back by a friendly woman you lead me to the changing room where I could then put my robe on and go forth to the waiting sanctuary. The room was dark and quiet with gentle, classical, meditation music playing in the background.

Here is where I kicked my feet up with a cold glass of lemon water and waited to be called. Once called and guided in by my lovely masseuse, she let me choose which essential oil I would like to be diffused while resting in pure luxury. Normally I would opt for lavender however, I was lured into choosing eucalyptus once I smelled how soothing it was. I could write about how absolutely opulent and sumptuous the massage was, but if I did we would be here all throughout 2018, so instead I’m going to skip to what followed.


For my birthday last year, we went out for a fabulous dinner at Jean George, where we were served a five course meal, all of which was created with the utmost care. I wanted to do something similar, but not exactly the same and perhaps a little more toned down. So instead, we went out for afternoon tea at the Pierre Hotel. They have several options of which you can choose from including a vegan option which I had. Not only did each tray of sandwiches and scones taste phenomenal, but it looked exquisite as well. Some may not understand why you would spend $60 or $70 on afternoon tea, but it’s because you could never recreate something like it at home.


I realize these options are very luxurious and may not be suitable to everyone whenever you want, so I’ve come up with a list of more ways to relax and de-stress which doesn’t involve spending anything at all!

  1. Let all you feelings and emotions out: Talk, laugh, cry, shout, whatever you need to do you express how you are feeling right now. Talking with family and friends is sometimes the best thing to do because now someone else knows what you are going through and you no longer feel as if you are alone.  
  2. Do something you enjoy: You may be thinking, “this is so obvious, plus I already do this!” But in all truth, so much of the time we get caught up in the day to day tasks of our lives and forget all about taking time for ourselves doing what we love to do most. This might also help you get more done in other areas of your life.
  3. Focus on the present: Meditation. A word which has become more frequently used now in our generation and for a good thing. When you meditate, you focus your attention on things that are happening right now, but also forgetting all which is going on and focusing solely on one thing. Often your breath, which is one thing to focus on. You could also try guided imagery which is were you imagine yourself in any setting that makes you feel calm and relaxed.
  4. Write what you feel: Just like the first one, our feelings and thoughts are stored in our head having no one to talk to or share them with. However, like me, if you are a more personal person and still prefer to keep what you think to yourself, a different option is to write it all down. At first this may seem like a drag, but the more you do it the more you will realize how relieving it can be to finally let everything you had been holding onto out and free.

If you try any of these suggestions or ideas please let me know in the comments, and if you have further questions feel free to send me and email. Otherwise, until next time lovelies!