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My Favorite Fall Outfit

December 29, 2017

I originally wrote this post back in October, but since it has taken longer to get the blog up and running than expected, it’s only going up now. I have decided to leave everything the way it was originally written so you can see exactly what I was thinking and felt at the time. (This means that it is no longer 70 degrees in New York, but instead 19!) Enjoy….

Since the weather here in New York has been surprisingly warm for this time of year (we’re talking 70 degrees instead of 50), I have had to adjust my go-to outfit to correspond with the temperature outside. Jeans are a classic item to wear all-year-round and have been a lifesaver in these strange times. Because the mornings are cool but the days are hot, jeans provide the perfect amount of warmth that doesn’t cause you to swelter the moment you step outside. I’m not quite ready to say goodbye to short sleeve tops, so I think that I have nailed the perfect inbetween. Although this top is sleeveless, the actual material is a light sweater making it thicker than a typical sleeveless top and more appropriate for the season.

My favorite accessory has been silk scarves. Thus, I have had to find an excuse to wear a scarf on every occasion. (So far I’ve been doing a pretty good job.) I have a post coming shortly on how exactly I’ve been styling my scarfs so stay tuned for that. The scarf I’m wearing here is one of my favorites because it reminds me of Japanese artwork. 

I also have been in love with incorporating more green into my outfits, so the subtle touch on the scarf is perfect. It adds something unique and different without being too in your face and all around your house. 

When it comes to school, I want a pair of shoes that are going to be comfortable, give me support, be easy to put on and off, and of course stylish. The pair of shoes that fits this criteria are slide ons. The ones I’m wearing here are from Steve Madden and have lasted me very well for the past two years. All I have to do to put them on is slide my foot into them – can it get easier than that? Also, because they’re rubber, if it rains or I step in a puddle it won’t ruin them. I’m sure you all have seen a pair of shoes similar if not the same to these, meaning that they are incredibly popular and are marketed at a range of price points. So, if you want to get yourself a pair of these it wouldn’t be too challenging.


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